Board of Directors

PIA-PR 2017-2018 Board of Directors

The PIA-PR Board of Directors is composed of eleven members, represented by a top executive in Puerto Rico. Five of these members represent the manufacturing sector and six represent the commercial sector. In addition, there are three ex-officio members: the PIA-PR Operations Vice President, PIA-PR Legal Counselor, and PIA-PR Advisor to the Board

PIA-PR gathers and represents research-based multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with operations on the island. These are 13 corporations organized in 21 manufacturing operations with 13 commercial entities. The biopharmaceutical industry represents 26.5% of the island's Gross Domestic Product 60% of all island imports and 98% of all island exports. The biopharmaceutical industry in Puerto Rico generates over 78,000 jobs on the island: 18,000 direct and 60,000 indirect.



 Felipe Palacios

 General Manager 

 AbbVie (Commercial)





  Wendy Perry 

  Managing Director   

  Merck Commercial Operations





 Elsa Saavedra 

 General Manager

 AstraZeneca (Commercial)





 David L. Thompson

 General Manager

 AbbVie (Manufacturing)





 Andrew Willy 

 General Manager 

 Amgen (Commercial) 


 Anibal Carlo 

 VP & General Manager 

 Bristol Myers Squibb (Manufacturing)




 David Jimenez 

 VP & General Manager 

 Johnson & Johnson (Commercial)


 Ileana Quiñones 

 President & General Manager               

 IPR AstraZeneca (Manufacturing)



 José Viera 

 General Manager 

 Allergan (Commercial)


 Kerry Ingalls   

 VP & General Manager                 

Amgen (Manufacturing)



 Lourdes Colón 

 VP & General Manager 

 Lilly (Manufacturing)





Board Members


 Eduardo M. Negrón-Navas   

 Legal Counsel 

 Eduardo Negrón Law


Iván Román   

Advisor to the Board

Stratech, LLC



 Rafael Castro   

 VP Operations