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Some 72,000 people return to Puerto Rico in first 4 months of 2018
Published Tuesday, July 17, 2018
by Caribbean Business

Net movement of passengers on domestic flights arriving in Puerto Rico. (thousands of passengers)

The data can be downloaded at

The Puerto Rico Statistics Institute is an autonomous government entity tasked with coordinating the government’s statistics production service “to ensure the data collection and statistics systems, on which public policies are based, are complete, reliable and have rapid and universal access,” according to its mission statement.

It has roughly 300 statistical products in inventory and provides access to more than 100 data sets through and over 40 tables and more than 6,000 indicators through

In addition, as the leading entity of the State Data Center (SDC) of Puerto Rico, the institute manages the SDC portal, which contains the main statistical reports and publications on Puerto Rico by the U.S. Census Bureau such as annual population estimates, the Puerto Rico Community Survey and official statistics on the decennial population and housing censuses of the island.